The Concise Encyclopedia Of Economics

When economists consult with the opportunity value” of a useful resource, they imply the worth of the next-highest-valued various use of that useful resource. The American FTC REQUIRES any kind of franchiser / business opportunity provider to offer this info, and 10 days so that you can study it earlier than you join.

So, while opportunity price might not be a value within the sense that prices are represented in business accounting, it is a price in a praxeological sense, which is to say in terms of the way it affects human conduct.

Some corporations will require you to pay a training cost, however this isn’t only to pay their administration charges, but additionally to ensure you are critical in regards to the opportunity.

If you are buying this opportunity for a payment, you might be shopping for a business or business system, not a product.

If you happen to reject the concept of opportunity price, you would need to say that Homer was right in his decision to sell sugar instead of working at the nuclear power plant.

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