7 Email Marketing Tips for a Powerful Delivery

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Email is thriving due to the channel’s simplicity and familiarity when it comes to marketing and communication. Over social media, telephone and any other form of marketing communication, most of you have the preference of using email, daily, and that’s what makes it so powerful. These email marketing tips will enhance your marketing communication and increase your revenue.

While anyone that wants to make a business impact online must certainly use social media to network and encourage visitors to their website, there are still other ways of increasing interest in what they have to offer. Email is an incredibly valuable tool for business as well as social interaction.

On the go

Mobile devices have increased the use of email because everyone is now carrying with them the ability to send and receive emails. An email can target an audience at any time of day or night, including specifically, the best timing for delivery of a promotion. Make sure your emails are mobile compatible if you’re using HTML formatting for greater creative input and click-throughs. As far as email marketing tips go, this is definitely number one.

Careful with speed

Email remains an easy way to convey a message without having to produce anything too complex. You can write up, format and send an email within minutes. However, that’s when things can go wrong. Speed is an easy trap to fall into and thus, creating mistakes of all kinds. Make sure you double or triple check your email content for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and missing content. Nobody wants to receive and read an email that shows how unprofessional and how little effort you put in that message.

Connecting for reach

Email campaigns can provide a link to social channels and help build a database of potential customers as well as followers. Remember, your message on the email is probably not going to be the same as a message posted on Facebook, LinkedIn or a recent Podcast, and so, why not get your email recipients connected to other valuable channels for a greater reach. These channels can do wonders for your branding, for your reputation and for increasing your credibility.

Education first

One of the secrets of creating and retaining an audience is to provide educational content rather than only using a sales approach. People are regularly put off by being inundated with sales propositions. Your educational, email plan will be an excellent way to change focus to the business you’re working on without being all about sales. By teaching and educating your audience, you increase the chances of being associated with a “giving” ideology first, and “taking” or selling, second.

Be specific with your message

Again, as far as email marketing tips go, this is super important. The email is an excellent vehicle for sending specific messages to targeted recipients. It can encourage a response which will help the business build up more information on current trends and tastes. Most importantly, your message should be very relevant and particular to the audience you are writing to. If your audience signed up for a social media toolkit, there’s is no value in sending them an email about a great food recipe you came across while on business no matter how great it is. You must be in tune with your audience.

Get more email subscribers

Websites, blogs and landing pages, often incorporate an email form to get website visitors to make contact or sign-up to a particular product. An email is an excellent tool for cross-marketing within the various products/services you offer. Believe me, it is not aggressive to put the email sign-up form on all your website and associated pages. If the readers or your customers love what you are providing them, and they see the value, then they will sign-up. However, when they sign-up, it is important to seek their permission before sending out marketing communication, and this is easily done via the Opt-in features found in most email marketing software.

Treat as gold dust

If somebody signs up to your blog, a free offer, eBook or such with their email address, and you’ve followed the opt-in rules, you have the opportunity to communicate and market to this person. Treat this email as gold dust because it’s precious, but also treat it with the utmost respect and privacy. If people are giving your business permission to send regular news and offers, then your customer database will grow and your business revenue will too. It’s powerful if used intelligently.

Electronic mail continues to grow as the traditional post is falling. Consumers have embraced the idea of receiving email and although, some is immediately consigned to ‘junk’ much of it is delivering a powerful message that is going to help your business in generating a lot of revenue. There are loads of programs now that can help you compose impressive HTML, mobile-friendly email, shortcut keeping track of subscribers and replies like Excel VBA, so there really is no excuse.

You must take all of the above into consideration, but the combination of an impressive customer service experience and a powerful hub (your website), you will immediately increase your marketing power with the delivery of these emails as you can ensure the basis of your strategy is very stable.

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