Why Landlords Should Update Their Property Security

Cutting-edge property security from a few years back doesn’t cut it today. A good percentage is outdated, familiar to thieves, difficult to use, or simply faulty. Tenants and property agents frequently give up using or maintaining such systems, potentially invalidating the insurance of the property owner.

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Today, it is possible to install solutions that are easier to use and capable of doing so much more.

How older systems fail

Intruders are always looking for weaknesses in security systems and it didn’t take them long to find them in older equipment.

When property owners started installing expensive CCTV, it wasn’t long before the CCTV equipment itself was being targeted for theft. As the resolution and field of view were limited, police soon tired of trawling hours of footage only to fail to identify anyone.

Old smoke defences often fail to trigger, usually because their maintenance is laborious. They are rarely recharged promptly after a discharge, so thieves have been known to trigger them deliberately and come back later.

Most external alarms fitted in the 1990s were turned off years ago to avoid prosecution for nuisance noise. Neighbours quickly learned to ignore them because they were easily triggered by weather, traffic and wildlife.

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Complying with the small print

Window and door security specifications were revised substantially in 2016; in fact, locks and alarms that are not PAS 24:2016 compliant can potentially disqualify insurance claims.

Replacement systems are better, cheaper, more discrete, and fully compliant with building regulations and security quality standards.

Keeping track

Regardless of whether you are going to update, keeping track of building contents and maintenance can be a headache; however, using a property inventory app from a provider such as https://inventorybase.co.uk/ makes it easy. You can do it yourself, insist your agent uses one, or employ a professional inventory reporting service. They are equally useful for private homes and large corporate premises.

A property inventory app provides several benefits simultaneously. You can monitor your own property, provide a similar service to tenants, and enable both parties to avoid disputes with insurance companies or with each other at the end of a tenancy.

You can take the same cooperative approach with modern CCTV and alarm systems. As these can link to smartphones or provide access from any computer, they can provide a valuable service to owners and residents alike.