What Should You Consider When Shopping for Casters?

Whether you’re intending to temporarily use a good set of casters when moving or intending for find a set of long-lasting industrial caster wheels for permanent use, it’s important to understand that not all casters are made the same. In order to make sure you get the right casters for your project, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase.

How Will You Mount the Casters?

The two main types of caster mounts are stem mounts and plate mounts. A stem mount, as the name suggests, involves a stem that typically screws into the piece of equipment you’re trying to move. Heavier loads are generally best moved around with plate-mount casters. In this type, the wheel is attached to a plate, which is then attached to the equipment you’re moving. Plate-mounted casters are best for heavy loads because the plate distributes the weight over a larger area and keeps the load more stable as it moves.

Do You Need Brakes?

If you’re intending to use casters on a piece of furniture or equipment that needs to be moved sometimes and held still at other times, a set of casters with brakes is your safest option. Many braking casters have a brake that can easily be switched on or off with your foot or hand. If the load you need to move with the casters is especially heavy, it may help to double-check that the casters can hold the weight still.

Some casters offer compression brakes, which can be especially useful for temporary moving. With these casters, the brakes automatically engage when the basters are under load, and they disengage when the load is removed.

Do You Need a Swivel?

While all wheels allow for some motion, the type of caster you ultimately choose will depend on what degree of motion you need. If you only intend to move a load in one direction, you can obtain casters that only roll forward and backward. Similarly, if you need to move something in multiple directions, getting a set of swiveling casters can simplify moving.

How Much Weight Do You Need to Move?

Different casters are rated for different weights, and to make sure the casters you choose can move a load safely, it’s important to make sure you don’t exceed the load rating. Make sure you divide the total weight moved by the number of casters to find the amount of weight on each caster.

Additionally, it’s important to consider noise. If you need quieter casters, be sure to see how each caster type you’re considering performs on the floor type of your facility. Most caster descriptions will clarify how well the wheel performs on different surfaces, and they may also list the noise levels.
While buying casters involves a few different variables, it shouldn’t be a confusing process. If you have any questions on selecting the right casters, ask your distributor – they can help you find the right set of casters for your needs.