Trying to find a manufacturer to create special ops gear? stop searching because you can buy them straight from spec ops global

If you are trying to manufacture special ops gear, stop the search because one company you can buy straight from is Spec Ops Global. Through their subscription services, Spec Ops Global can offer customers tactical and military gear even nerds would enjoy having. Spec Ops Global subscription box contains military and police-grade gear sourced directly from suppliers from around the world. Spec Ops Global ensures the products shipped match up to the standards of the country of origins, military and police standards. Want special night vision goggles from the Russian Spetsnaz special forces? How about military-grade watches by the US Navy Seals? Well, the next Spec Ops Global subscription box might just contain them.

Who is Spec Ops Global?

Spec Ops Global is a leading online retailer of one of a kind subscription service providers dealing with special ops gear. Their subscription box contains unique must-have gear used by the military and police special forces from countries around the globe. Spec Ops Global subscription services come on a monthly basis and offer a perfect gift giving an opportunity to you looking for a perfect gift for current and former police officers, military, first-responders, and fans of tactical and emergency gear. Spec Ops Global customer has at their disposal the option of subscribing to any of their 4 subscription boxes.

With Spec Ops Global, customers don’t need any background in special ops gear, because the subscription box will contain items that can be used practically in the field. Most subscription boxes contain 7 to 8 uniquely curated items and shipped on a monthly basis.

Why Choose Spec Ops Global?

Spec Ops Global has really cut a niche for themselves in the subscription box market with their highly specialized and curated gear selection. Unlike other gear subscription service providers, Spec Ops Global gears are not samples or trinkets. None of the gear in their subscription boxes is an imitation of tactical gear. Even newbies to subscription services have time to be outfitted by Spec Ops Global unique items in a world filled with junk subscription items.

The cost of the Spec Ops Global subscription box depends on the plan you subscribe to, which also determines the number of items you will receive in your box. For example, their JROTC Box has a monthly subscription fee of $24.99, and only 2 to 3 battle-tested items are shipped.  Their New Recruit Box has a monthly subscription fee of $49.99, contains 3 to 5 battle-tested items. Seasoned Non-Com Box is another subscription box offered at a monthly fee of $99.99 with only 4-8 battle-tested items. Last, they have the Spec Ops Elite Box that is offered at a monthly fee of $149.99 containing 6-10 battle-tested items and one Elite level item.

Verdict on Spec Ops Global!

Well, is Spec Ops Global worth your hard-earned cash? Yes! The verdict is a resounding Yes! Spec Ops Global subscription boxes make for a good investment. Since the gear is original and no toys find their way to the boxes. The products offered by Spec Ops Global are used by military and police from where they are shipped from across the globe.

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