The ICU Space Secret We Need to Know

ICU (Intensive Care Units) as an inpatient ward hospital with staff and equipment specifically shown to manage patients with illness, trauma or complications life-threatening due to the failure of dysfunction one or more organs of diseases, doses or life-long complications.

ICU service needs related to demographics, economics, and technology, but can also come from a doctor’s activity (e.g. neurosurgery, cardiac surgery etc.). ICU Charges reached three times from the bed of the acute inner ward per day. That’s a little introduction to the subject.

Some Equipment in ICU Room;

  1. Thermometer

Used to measure body temperature

  1. Stethoscope

Used to check the sound from the body like a heartbeat, intestines, pulse, and others

  1. Tensiometer

Used to measure a person’s blood pressure.

  1. Resuscitation Kit

Used for first aid in breathing.

  1. Ventilator

Used to help (partially) or take over (whole), the function of gas exchange in the lungs.

  1. DC Shock

Heart-shock devices are in use at the time of the heart, beat irregularly.

  1. Space saver triple monitor arm

Easy adjustment for viewing comfort. Easy to mount on the desktop. Can be operated with one hand. Adjustable without tools.

ICU medic – ICU trauma/surgery – General ICU – Pediatric ICU – ICU neonates – Respiratory ICU. Is all types of ICU have the same purpose i.e. managing the seriously ill patients threatened his soul.

Personnel (Human resources) in ICU include doctors, ICU nurses, other paramedics and non-medic depending on ICU level. Role nurses are expanding in dealing with patients among others:

In the weaning process, the ventilator done according to the patient’s condition and laboratory data or bedside monitor.

In the treatment of inotropic drug titration, vasodilators, sedatives, analgesics, insulin and other drugs can be adjusted by ICU nurses based on clinical data and laboratories.

In handling cases of hypotension can do a challenge test first if it fails to talk to the doctor ICU.

The nurses in the ICU can act in terms administration, talking with friends or family of patients. Other tasks are biased as physiotherapies, room administration, workers social and room supervisors.