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We’re a group of entrepreneurial investors working to create and build new businesses of strategic worth to GE. We connect the dots among GE as a companion of selection, external events, and skilled administration groups. Most businesses are on the market each day worrying if they’ll survive another year, if they will turn losses into earnings.

Money advances on bank cards can result in 20% interest rates (or greater), while a business mortgage not often tops 10%.

Second, you will have to pay each the mortgage and the home equity loan whether or not or not the business generates a profit, and funds are due even after the business closes its doorways.

Take Action: Since this step is so important and expensive if it is not carried out correctly, we highly suggest investing 10 minutes to go over your choices through our business construction comparison information You may get a better thought of the advantages and downsides of every while constructing a solid authorized foundation in your business.

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