How your resume should look like to get job interviews?

You are about finding a new job but don’t know how to write a catchy CV or resume? If you want to land a job quickly and encourage the employers to call you in for an interview, you need to market yourself effectively. Here are the top five ways to increase your chances of getting hired!

Put your contact information at the very top

The first part of your resume should contain your full name, professional title, home address and email address. Remember to include your telephone number if you want the hiring managers to get back to you. Also, you can use online tools to learn how to make a CV and choose between different layouts.

Add an introductory profile

You may ask yourself what to put in this section?  As a matter of fact, it is a short paragraph at the beginning of your CV, which outlines your personal background and career plans. You need to keep it brief and also highlight the qualities and attributes you possess.

Emphasize your work experience and put the most important information first

If you want to make a bright first impression on the hiring manager, be sure to highlight your work experience. Start it with your most recent role and work your way back. Describe your work experience and show on your CV that you progress throughout the year. In other words, you should demonstrate you have developed your skills. Put on your mind that there is a large number of job seekers who want the same position as you, so all of these can make your chances for getting hired.

Detail your educational experience and accomplishments

Your resume should display the information about the name of your school and the degree you obtained. Don’t forget to include your academic awards and achievements to impress employers. Also, you should choose the best qualifications you include on your CV that match the requirements of the job you’re applying for. Adding these details makes your resume more competitive.

Include additional CV sections

If you want to get interviews, attracting attention of the recruiters is extremely important. Present your language skills on your CV and determine your level of proficiency in desired languages. Include other interests that makes you different on a more human. On top of that, you can list references or mention several past managers who can vouch for you. Remember that your resume is the paper version of your best self that will let you stand out from the crowd!

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