How to make our life debt free

Many times, we get complicated by leading a life beyond our capabilities and this makes us end up full of debt and worse yet with nothing, so, we give some recommendations to be free of worries and live happy.

Look first for the options:   it takes time but the results are good for your pocket, it is that before buying new things, check on websites or with friends if you find them used in good condition and cheaper. Yes, the smell of new is rich, but often used things do not take long to have premiered and work exactly as if they were new and also the biggest advantage is that saves money.

Given this, an effective solution for health and pocket can be the use of the bicycle, think again, it will be useful even to relieve the stress of pushing each morning at the bus stations.

Even this means of transport can be better than a vehicle, especially if you are currently starting to receive income, as it would avoid taxes, gasoline and maintenance, not to mention that the cars are devalued and you will always end up losing money.

Always focus on the smallest thing: not only contracts but also their budgets and personal finances. They have a complete knowledge of exactly what they earn, the fixed expenses they have from month to month and the budget that they allocate to everything they may need. Likewise, they know that they have to save and, at the same time, invest. They recognize when to do what. And given that accuracy, they are less likely to buy something they cannot afford.


They know the exact meaning and the impact that it can have on their lives. Debts are a type of business that can offer you benefits, but the responsibility in return is great (even more than the benefit itself). It can be useful, as long as he understands that he will be sacrificing something else for a while, that is, paying a fee will most likely stop buying what he likes so much. They know that every financial service implies a management fee or additional costs that can affect their finances.


Do not consider yourself that way, at all. They know that objects and possessions provide a quality of life, but their happiness does not depend on it. The joy is cantered on different experiences and, of course, they buy products and services recognizing that this will improve their conditions, but it is not their main objective.

Frugal Living

Following frugal living life style could be quiet challenging but once you started you will find that you are saving a substantial part of your expenses which you can further utilized in other areas. Recently stopped my cable TV and moved to internet for watching movies and TV series. We all know internet is most important source of our communication and entertainment. And if the same content is available over internet then we shouldn’t waster our money on cable TV. Currently I am watching movies over but now there are lots of other alternatives for where lots of new and old movies are available.


It is one of its main virtues that allows you to recognize when is the right time to make a purchase, because it really is a necessity and when not, because it is a whim. They do not have any kind of impulsive behaviour or seek immediate satisfaction. Thus, they make decisions all the time and know that if they cannot afford something, they must wait to save to get it.  And you can also read things we need to give up if we want to be debt free.


This means that life is not complicated and they have a simple solution to all the financial problems that may arise. They know that all decisions have their respective consequences and, depending on it, they simply go for the one that causes them the least complications or more benefits.

The comparison

They do not keep the first price they give them. Although the task can become annoying, the ideal is that they can make the comparison of different brands and different qualities. This practice is also related to the technique of coupons or garage sales and is not for “stinginess”, but simply know that there are objects that do not need to pay the maximum price for them. Everything that implies a saving is the option that they will take.


One of its main characteristics is that they are responsible people, trust their knowledge and do not need anyone else to make their own decisions. This means that they know what their possibilities are, the luxuries that can be given, those that do not and how to act in times of crisis. They recognize their limitations and at the same time know when it is time, they may need help or financial advice, when they wish to undertake a new project, be it personal or professional.

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