How to Get Convicted Driver Insurance

Any conviction on your record is a serious problem if you’re shopping for insurance. It may be completely unrelated to driving at all, yet insurers still consider it a real problem. Criminally convicted drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim, statistically speaking, so insurers don’t want to deal with that. Fortunately, all is not lost. Instead, there are still ways to get convicted driver insurance, and these tips can help.

Declare Your Convictions

One thing you should certainly do is declare your convictions if they are unspent. Convictions with a prison sentence of six months or less become spent after seven years. Those with sentences of six months to two and a half years don’t reach that point until they’re ten years old. Anything over two and a half years is never spent, so you’ll always have to disclose them.

Drive Less

Insurance rates are typically based on how much you drive. As a result, if you drive less, you can expect less expensive premiums. Make certain, though, that you accurately estimate how frequently you drive, as you could see a sharp rise in premiums if you drive quite a bit more than you’d initially estimated. You may even have your coverage canceled.

Consider Telematics

Drivers with convictions often have to prove that they’re good drivers to insurance companies before they see their rates go down, and one way to do just that is through telematics insurance. With this type of cover, you have a black box recording device installed in your vehicle. It records all of your driving behaviors, such as how many miles you drive, how fast you drive, and aspects like that. If it shows you’re a safe driver, you’ll be rewarded with lower policy premiums. Companies all over the world are using them, and for convicted drivers, they’re especially useful, because they’re a great way to prove what a safe driver you’re going to be to the company offering you insurance.

Consider a Higher Excess

If you select a higher voluntary excess, you’ll see lower premiums in return. Many people choose a lower excess because they’re worried they won’t be able to afford it should that happen, but if you’re having trouble finding cover, the key is to make certain you get something you can afford from month to month, too, and moving forward with a higher excess can make that happen.

Ask About Additional Discounts

Some companies have programs available for convicted drivers to lower their premiums. For example, drivers with a drink driving conviction can lower their premiums through a DDRS course. There are other options available too, but not every company offers them. Learning more about what each company can do for you could result in lower premiums.

Finding convicted driver insurance certainly isn’t easy, but with a bit of work and quote comparison, it is possible to find a policy you want at a premium you can actually afford to pay.

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