Grow your Local Business with Reviews all over the World

Startup businesses have had to thrive under unfavorable circumstances. Grooming a business idea from scratch comes with a lot of challenges. A business doesn’t just go from grass to grace in a few weeks. Some lessons help make a business ready for whatever competition is ahead of it, and these lessons are mostly learned while the business is in its early phase.

Today, we’ll elaborate more on the effect of growing a small business from getting reviews all over the world. The goal of every startup company is to someday have their business operations shine on a global level. How does the saying go again? Everyone wants to be in the “big league.” I can bet you that the fastest way to join the “big league” is by reading reviews from all over the world to boost your credibility status.

We had the privilege of having a sit down with the CEO of a small Dutch company who recently turned a small food restaurant to an international tourist center. When I first related this to a close friend, he was amazed as to how a food business could turn out so well using such a basic strategy. I’m sure you’ll also love to know what business strategy brought about this global turnaround.

Three years after launching the business at a small town in Germany, the food business owner noticed the same number of customers he had since day one always strolling in every day. So he made sure after every meal, he walks up to every customer to ask if they loved the meal and what changes would they prefer to be made in the next meals. Since he did this politely, he gets a response from every one of them and tried all he could to make their next meal customized. After practicing these for a few months, he noticed these regular customers started spreading the word of his services to anyone who cared to know. In the process, he tripled his customers in a year.

Two years after the local breakthrough in is state, a few festivals in Germany attracted tourists from all over the world. Visitors were moving in and out of the state for a week. He then tried the same strategy with the tourists. Every one of them had different meals to their satisfaction. The last time any tourist had a not so great meal was the first time in his restaurant.

After these visitors went back to their various continents, this entrepreneur never stopped requesting what they thought about his services and how best he could serve them in the future. With a review platform as Reviews International, he could publish every review given by each customer, and at the same time get suggestions on how to improve his services.

With time, he got more tourists coming around for the food and other upgrades he has made to the business environment. Review websites started recommending his services to travelers who visited the local town. Learn from this today, and move your business to the next phase with customers’ reviews.

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