Summer Wade Fest
sponsored by Keenan Antiques
sponsored by Keenan Antiques
Will the NEW Wade book be available? Can I buy Wade books at the show?  Will the authors sign them for me?

Yes, Mike Posgay + Ian Warner will be bringing books - the new 392 page World of Wade Figurines and Miniatures and various other earlier books.They Are always very gracious and sign their books.


How did you come up with the idea for the "Lil' Bits" ?

I was on a factory tour of Wade and as we were going through a modeling room I saw this tiny, little rabbit sitting on a shelf. I immediately asked if it was a Wade and when was it made as I wasn’t familiar with it. It had been modeled as a promotion to go inside a chocolate Easter egg, but had never been used. It was such a great figurine, I asked if it was possible to continue its production. This started us on the Lil’ Bits series.

Are there 7 so far AND how did you pick the animal ?
The figures are: Rabbit, Mice, Elephants, Ducks, Pigs, Cats, + Terriers
We tried to pick animals that would be popular. The elephant was requested by Father Cox. He collected elephants and also was an exhibitor at Summer Wade Fest for many years.
What is the dinner that’s included in the package? 
It’s a buffet. (Yes, you can return for more food)(Save room for dessert!)
Cheese Tray
Mixed Garden Greens
Fresh Fruit Medley
Chicken Cordon Blue
Tenderloin Tips
Yellow + Green Beans
Au Gratin Potatoes
Carrot Cake
New York Style Cheese Cake
Chocolate Mousse
Hot + Cold Teas and Coffee 
What’s a “Bran Tub Draw”?
A Bran Tub Draw is an English tradition Wade has imported to the Wade Fest? You stick your hand in a “tub” of   shell chippings (Some will remember that at the Buffalo Beam/Wade Fair they had sawdust that stuck to everyone and blew everywhere) and pick out a slip of paper. You either win a whimsey or a special Wade- sometimes a 1 of a kind even! You always get something- a great deal!
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