DACA Deportations – US Economy to Lose Over $400 Billion

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was an American immigration policy developed to allow some individuals to receive a renewable 2-year period of deferred action from deportation and qualify for a work permit. The policy referred to those individuals who entered the country as minors and hadn’t either entered or remained in the country legally.

As of 2017, nearly 800.000 individuals, referred to as Dreamers after the DREAM Act bill was enrolled in the program created by DACA. The policy was established by the Obama administration in June 2012 and annulled by the Trump administration in September 2017.

The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) is an American legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for qualifying alien minors in the US. The proposal was developed to first grant conditional residency and, upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently announced the ending of DACA over the upcoming 6 months. The program protects about 800.000 young immigrants from deportation. According to Session, to have a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest, they can’t admit everyone who’d like to come to the country.

Based on a recent FWD.us (a pro-immigration reform group co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg) report, 91% of DACA recipients are employed. The program cancellation would cause 30.000 a month to lose their work permits as their DACA status expires.

According to a study by the Center for American Progress, the loss of all DACA workers would reduce US gross domestic product by $433 billion over the upcoming 10 years. California has 188.000 DACA workers and would suffer a GDP loss of $11.3 billion a year. Texas would lose $6.1 billion in GDP annually, and North Carolina would lose $1.9 billion a year.

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Some business leaders have been mobilizing to support the program. Microsoft President Brad Smith has mentioned about 27 employees who are DACA beneficiaries, including software engineers, finance professionals, and sales associates. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella were among signers of a letter that expressed concerns in this regard. The letter was circulated among tech companies by Zuckerberg-backed FWD.us.

The program has faced strong opposition from Republicans at the state level as well. 

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